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We include this in your course at no extra fee!

  • Instructors On Standby

    Access to a qualified instructor whenever you have a doubt or need clarification. Live streaming Q&A sessions, community forums and personal chat functions ensures you are NOT left with uncertainty.

  • Extensive Question Bank

    Test you knowledge again and again. With our extensive question bank you are able to consolidate the knowledge as you learning it.

  • Free Multimedia

    Stunning poster designed for your training. Training schedules, checklists... all included in your course at no extra cost!

Learning With us

This e-learning platform has been designed around the strong fundamental principle of MindSpaceX. A modern learning platform delivering personalised learning of the highest standards so individuals can realise their true potential. The MindSpaceX Learning Academy delivers learning content to professionals and individuals around the world. We focus on personal growth learning combined with aviation theoretical knowledge. We believe that while training future pilots, much more emphasis must be placed on the mindset of professional pilots. At MindSpaceX we teach aviation theory but with a deep focus on how to improve the individuals understanding of learning and personal growth. With us, the traditional aviation theory is embedded into learning theory on, Sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, habit building, mindsets etc. This in total will turnout pilots with the crucial mindset needed to operate safely in a highly demanding modern aviation environment.

Meet Your Teacher

Senior Aviation Instructor

Carsten Borgen

My whole life I have aspired to reach unattainable goals, to set myself apart from others. Constantly competing with myself so tomorrow I will be better than I am today. I didn't learn about 'growth mindset' until a few years ago, but I am positive in saying that it is what I posses. Becoming a pilot has been a dream of mine since I was about 4 years old, but It is hard to say what exactly drove me towards aviation. Through hard work and dedication I obtained my professional license and instructor qualifications more than a decade ago. I have helped teach more than a thousand pilots worldwide. Now I turn my attention towards helping individuals reach their dreams and goals. Without previous experience I have been placed in managing roles and taken on assignments well outside the scope of my know abilities. I have always prevailed and with MindSpaceX I aspire to teach others the tools that I have learned, helping as many as possible along the way. NO skills cannot be taught with merely the right mindset and tools. Let's begin...